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IEMAI 3D Printing


  • Medical

    PEEK is close to the bone and has good biocompatibility. 3D printed PEEK material is an excellent choice for implants

  • Aerospace

    3D printing can be used in aerospace because it can help the aerospace industry to be lightweight, improve the performance of components and improve the difficulty of assembly

  • Automotive

    3D printing technology can help to realize rapid design iteration in automobile production process and enrich the availability of spare parts

  • Jigs Fixtures

    3D printing jigs and fixtures can reduce production cost, improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of artificial precision.

  • Building Decoration

    With the introduction of 3D printing, the construction industry has changed. 3D printing in architecture makes processes and projects more efficient and simplified.

  • Shoes

    Using 3D printing technology for the production of shoe lasts and correction insoles can greatly reduce the production time and cost, and the design is more free and more in line with customized requirements

  • Model Sculpture

    3D printing technology can help human garment models and sculpture models to complete the design and production iterations faster

  • Letter

    The production of letters by 3D printing can gradually realize intelligent and automatic production, reduce personnel costs and avoid strict environmental protection inspection. In addition, 3D printing can be completely modeled according to the idea of word making without any technological restrictions

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