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Jigs Fixtures

2019-06-18 15:41:13 IEMAI 3D Printing Read

Jigs And Fixtures

Many manufacturing companies have been working to improve productivity and reduce costs with lean manufacturing techniques

The implementation of jigs and fixture in production line helps to achieve these goals

3D printing allows for highly customized designs with complex parts

Its superior speed and precision make it an ideal solution for jigs and fixture

Remote control vehicle test fixture

Air flow check fixture

Welding jig

Auxiliary Iixture

This is the use case of 3D printing fixture in the industrial field. The figure is an auxiliary fixture

The fixture is designed to have two solid blocks, one on the shoulder and one on the base

This fixture will allow most of the cutting to fall

It is also designed to limit the cutting depth of the blade to facilitate excessive cutting so as not to damage the fixture

IEMAI 3D Printing

Machining fixture

The 3D printing fixture, which is used for milling the rotation Angle of the long shaft bar, provides a better "bite" Angle than the traditional way

Ensure that the workpiece shaft is completely concentric, and that the 24 teeth of the fixture allow 360 degree rotation of the material during processing

IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

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