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The Traditional Craft

Traditional letter rely on skilled craftsmen and require the use of sidebars, linders and hand tools

Have edge, welding, viscose, carving, painting, pouring glue, lamp, bottom... And other complex processes

Lead to high personnel costs, high staff turnover rate, high production costs, environmental protection inspection... Such problems have been troubling the advertising logo of company

IEMAI 3D Printing

Advantages of 3D printing

Using 3D printing technology to produce luminous letter can gradually realize intelligent and automatic production, reduce personnel costs and avoid strict environmental protection inspection

In addition, 3D printing can be completely modeled according to the idea of word making without any technological restrictions

Most importantly, 3D printing is one of the technologies being promoted by the country

The policy is very supportive to realize the innovation of technology changing the tradition and replacing people with machines

IEMAI 3D Printing

3D Printing Letter

Intelligent 2d to 3d software

IEMAI ADV 3D is a 3D printing slicing software specially designed for advertising luminous letter

Without requiring users to learn complex modeling software, it can directly recognize 2d NC, DXF, SVG and other file formats

It can also recognize 3d STL, OBJ, 3MF and other file formats

It can be made into straight edge and hypotenuse, which can automatically change color and print

IEMAI 3D Printing

A variety of techniques

3D printing can do a variety of types of advertising words, not limited by traditional technology

IEMAI 3D Printing

3D Letter

IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

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