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Building Decoration

2019-06-18 15:41:44 IEMAI 3D Printing Read

New Building Or Renovation

The traditional process of decorating a new building or renovating an old one is expensive and takes a long time

With the introduction of 3D printing, the construction industry has changed

3D printing in buildings makes processes and projects more efficient and simpler

IEMAI 3D Printing

Reduce Time And Cost

Any repair work needs to be carefully planned, taking into account the time and cost involved

3D printing is fast and cheap, making it easier to plan time and budget

3D printing of large structures also saves them a lot of consumable costs

3D printing is becoming a mainstream technology, and the price of materials is getting lower and lower

IEMAI 3D Printing

Security Issues

Construction projects must take into account the safety of installing heavy decorations on rooftops

Because they're above the building

If anything goes wrong, it's very dangerous

3d-printed large-scale structures weigh only a quarter as much as the original models

The toughness and strength of new materials can also be guaranteed

Therefore, it is easy to adapt to the building structure and safe for the project


Fault Tolerance Rate

Traditional techniques for carving ornaments require high precision

There is no margin for error

Through the construction of 3D printing

High precision rendering can be achieved more easily and cheaply


IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing

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