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IEMAI has released a 3D printing + automatic gluing + curing intelligent all-in-one machine, appearing in the ISLE guangzhou advertising exhibition

2019-06-18 09:06:01 IEMAI 3D Printing Read

IEMAI 3D Printing


参观时间: 2019年3月3日-6日(周日-周三)

       Last Monday, IEMAI announced an assembly-line shell 3D printer that can print in line indefinitely, attracting the attention and expectation of many users in the advertising industry. This week, mai will release its second revolutionary new product: 3D printing + automatic filling + curing intelligent all-in-one machine.

  Both of these products will be on display at the ISLE guangzhou advertising show in March, and you are welcome to visit our booth.

Next, we will have a brief understanding of this intelligent all-in-one machine that integrates 3D printing, automatic filling and curing in advance. Please come to the exhibition for more information.

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