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《Yangtze river delta today 》reports on IEMAI 3D printing letter solution

2019-06-18 09:24:47 IEMAI 3D Printing Read

IEMAI 3D Printing

On June 5, 2019, "BOXAI" was invited to accept a special interview of "Yangtze river delta today" about 3D printing technology's intelligent making letter. This interview made a detailed report on the innovation, process simplification, environmental protection and energy saving, cost reduction and other aspects brought by 3D printing technology to advertising luminous letter industry

"BOXAI" is the exclusive strategic partner of IEMAI. Intelligent advertising letter solutions in the Yangtze river delta, both sides in hardware and software + materials + technology to work together, committed to creating advertising luminous letter intelligent word in the Yangtze river delta ecosystem.

IEMAI 3D Printing

《Yangtze river delta today program is a special program of industry and economy in the Yangtze river delta region created by the qianjiang metropolitan channel of zhejiang TV station, aiming to promote economic, political and cultural exchanges among jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai. The program has been running for more than 400 episodes. The program takes industry as the core origin, public interest as the radius, innovation highlights as the content, and radiates the economic, political and cultural life circle of the whole Yangtze river delta region. The program builds an interactive platform for promotion by content, where you can see the most cutting-edge information and hot topics, analyze industrial economy from a scientific perspective, share cultural exchanges, and analyze trends. It is a comprehensive high-end program covering the general situation of various industries in the society.

This "Yangtze river delta today" science and technology channel's special report, means IEMAI intelligent advertising letter solution gradually receives the market recognition and the attention, at the same time explained the science and technology innovation necessity

To make good products and real solutions in the real industry is the working idea that IEMAI has been adhering to. We always hope to find more industries that can be applied in the real industry for 3D printing technology

It has been 4 years since the development of 3D printing advertising luminous letter industry, and I have been immersed in this field for 4 years, constantly innovating and polishing products

We believe that today's industry scale, is only the starting point, the real intelligent word era is coming!

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