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  1. Big size Functional Materials 3D printer MAGIC-HT-MAX
  2. Big size Functional Materials 3D printer MAGIC-HT-MAX
  3. Big size Functional Materials 3D printer MAGIC-HT-MAX

Big size Functional Materials 3D printer MAGIC-HT-MAX

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Max extruder temperature: 500 ℃
Max chamber temperature: 150 ℃
Max hot bed temperature: 180 ℃
Max build size : 500*500*700mm
Double extruder ,auto-leveling,built-in camera.

IEMAI high performance material 3D printer MAGIC-HT-MAX is a 3D printing machine based on the principle of fuse deposition (FFF) technology, with printing temperature up to 500℃, hot bed temperature of 180℃, and 150℃ chamber temperature.

It adopts detachable print heads,with liquid-cooling system extruder ,and a built-in multi-functional moisture proof cabinet.

It Supports most of the polymer 3D printing filaments on the market, including special engineering plastics,such as PEEK, PEAK,PEKK,PPSU, PEI 1010, PEI 9085,PC , PA ,CARBON FIBER ,GLASS FIBER, METAL FILL etc., with detachable extruders, creating simple maintenance conditions, supporting PLA and water-soluble support materials (PVA), As well as the printing of ABS and limonene support material (HIPS), it also opens up the possibility of soluble support for special engineering plastics PC , PEEK, PPSU and PEI.

Main advantages

● Large Build Volume:500*500*700 mm

● High Printing Temperature:Up to 500℃

● High Chamber Temperature:Up to 150℃

Build Plate TemperatureUp to 180℃

● Consumable case drying temperature: 65 ℃

● Humidity of moisture-proof cabinet >10-15%

● Liquid cooled  system double print nozzles

Vacuum adsorption platform

● Auto leveling system

● Power Failure Recovery

● Filament Absent Warning

● Built-in Camera


IEMAI 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D Printing


Printing samples


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